Santino Defranco

New TV sitcom in the works to feature multiple Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters and personalities



By: On The Ropes TV Series

March 19, 2015


Phoenix, AZ—ON THE ROPES is a sitcom set in a rundown boxing gym in Phoenix, AZ—think “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” meets the boxing world—that plans to feature a different MMA personality for each one of its eight first-season episodes. The show is an edgy comedy that explores the absurdity of fighters, and how they react to everyday situations. Each episode will be written specifically with an intended featured MMA star in mind, allowing the writers to maximize each fighter’s personality and bring that to screen.


Former Ultimate Fighting Championships® (UFC) lightweight champion, Benson Henderson, and Season 8 winner of “The Ultimate Fighter®,” Efrain Escudero, have already agreed to be featured in respective episodes.


Distribution plans for ON THE ROPES is multifaceted. The creators intend to approach contacts at multiple TV networks with the completed first season with the hopes of a television contract. If a television distribution contract is not reached, the TV series will be released via Netflix, Amazon VOD, Hulu Plus and Vimeo on Demand.


The team behind ON THE ROPES is lead by retired MMA fighter, and “The Ultimate Fighter®” Season 9 contestant, Santino DeFranco, who has spent much of his post-MMA retirement writing and publishing in literary journals as well as numerous MMA outlets such as (,,,, and more.