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A ridiculous sitcom that takes place in a boxing gym and stars a bunch of actual professional boxers and MMA fighters. Kick ass, huh?!

About this project

What we’re doing: 

We’re fighters, and we love comedy. So we thought, “Why not combine these two awesome things?” And, so we did. We created ON THE ROPES, a sitcom set in a boxing gym. The real kicker, though, is that a lot of the cast and crew are real professional fighters. Boxers? Not really. We’re MMA fighters, but we like the idea of a boxing gym as the backdrop of our show. I suppose we’re fighters pretending to be actors pretending to be fighters.

So, to the show, itself: ON THE ROPES is a sitcom set in a rundown boxing gym in Phoenix, AZ—think “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” meets the boxing world—that plans to feature a different MMA personality for each one of its eight first-season episodes.

The show is an edgy comedy that explores the absurdity of fighters, and how they react to everyday situations. The super awesome part of it all is that each episode will be written specifically with an intended featured MMA star in mind, allowing the writers to maximize each fighter’s personality and bring that to screen while pushing as many boundaries as possible.



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MMA Stars That Have Signed On:

Top MMA fighters that have already signed on to episodes include a who’s who of the MMA world. Former Ultimate Fighting Championships® (UFC) lightweight champion, Benson Henderson; Season 8 winner of “The Ultimate Fighter®,” Efrain Escudero; Matt Mitrione; Meisha Tate; current Bantam weight world champion, TJ Dillashaw; Felice Herrig, and fan favorite, Clay Guida; as well as former “Human Weapon” host and commentator for Bellator and One FC, Jason Chambers, has also signed on.

on the Ropes MMA cast



Where Can You watch?

As for distribution, we are definitely going to leverage the star power we have with the big MMA names when we approach networks with our final product. However, if a network doesn’t sign the series, we are planning on releasing the entire series on Amazon VOD, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Vimeo On Demand.


Pics from our Pilot!
Pics from our Pilot!

Where’s Your Money Going?

WHERE’S YOUR MONEY GOING? The cost to bring in all of the MMA personalities (and pay them for their time) is substantial. Also, production costs are another large portion. We want to make sure this is TV quality, so we’re hiring professional videographers, sound and lighting production, editors, color grader/color correctors and more. We also need a set, which means we have to find a good building and then build a set from scratch so we can shoot as seamlessly as possible. If there’s a dollar left over after all of the costs, I will go directly to a gas station and buy a lottery ticket, though. My odds of winning are pretty good, I think, so there’s that!

Please go here and give us a kickstart: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/421025145/on-the-ropes-sitcom