Duel for Domination (2)

Duel for Domination 11 Fight Card and Info

May 9 show

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Main Event:

Karl Grace Record: (1-3-0) vs Kamuela Kirk (3-1-0) Siege MMA

Co Main Event

Mohammed Bourakna (0-0-0) Gracie Barra vs Fabian Parra (0-0-0) MMA Lab

Titus Holmes Record: (2-4-0) vs Sleepy Soliven Record: (1-1-0) Siege MMA

Amateur Fights:

Gabby Romero Record: (0-0-0) Judgement MMA vs Cynthia Arceo Record: (1-0-0) Jacksons MMA

Montino Hardy Record: (0-3-0) Knucklehead MMA   vs Fernie Garcia Record: (4-4-0) Bushido

Paul Horton Record: (1-0-0) Luttrell MMA vs Clayton Carpenter Record: (2-0-0) Power MMA

Talon Glasser Record: (0-1-0) Dawg Pound vs Tyler Star Record: (0-0-0) Luttrell MMA

Javier Cepeda Record: (4-0-0) Luttrell MMA vs Joe Gomez Record: (2-0-0) Siege MMA

Ronald Carasco Record: (0-0-0) Knucklehead MMA vs Jeff Anderson Record: (3-4-0) Neutral Corner

Jesse Sandoval Record: (3-6-0) Judgement MMA vs Marcus McGhee Record: (1-2-0) Dawg Pound

David Salazar Record: (0-0-0) Knucklehead MMA vs Jose Huerta Record: (0-0-0) Siege MMA


Crank It Up Promotions

Duel for Domination 11

Saturday, May 9, 2015 @ 6:00 pm (first fight)

@ the Arizona Event Center

(480) 779-7716 1300 South Country Club Drive

Mesa, Arizona 85210