Matt Mitrione: I don’t really care about going back to the UFC

“Nobody fights like I do. Allot of people fight like other heavyweights but nobody fights like me. The reason I say this is because that it’s not my job to prepare for them. It’s the ‘me’ show: it’s always been about me and it always will be about me as long as I’m fighting.”

Bellator 157
Matt Mitrione 9 – 5 – 0 vs Carl Seumanutafa 10 – 6 – 0

“What they are going to see is a big ass athlete that’s remarkably handsome and articulate. I throw leather. I throw shins. I come to finish every time. Now I have some losses on my record and one of those is probably going to get overturned. I got some losses on my record but I have never had my ass kicked. I have only lost because I have tried so hard to win. Sometimes I make rookie stupid mistakes and I think that was part of the learning curve. It’s a little late in the game to still be making those mistakes but like I said man most people have had 7, 8, 9, 10 fights in their life before they even get to the UFC so I am still kind of learning on the sly and as I go. But I don’t foresee really that happening anymore and I feel like even the Travis Brown fight if he is number 6, or number 5 in the world, and I was whooping Travis’s ass and everyone saw it. I could have easily backed out and said I don’t want to fight anymore even though I felt that was something the referee should have done but I feel I showed I’ve got stones.”

John Moraga n Matt Mitrione MMA Fight Radio
John Moraga n Matt Mitrione MMA Fight Radio

“I don’t really care about going back to the UFC. I had been in the UFC for 15 fights, including the Struve fight that didn’t happen, I have been in the UFC for 15 fights. I have been there. I understand how they took my money away without my blessings. I understand how they financially deprived my family and how they didn’t care. So I don’t really care. I am not enamored by the letters, I enamored with the paycheck, and my ability to have a viable living without having a boss micromanage me and ask me if I got the TPS reports.”

William Penn Legacy he leaves: “Though self improvement and betterment and time alone to focus on your life, you can always become a better person, no matter how you start or where you start. You can genuinely and truly become a better person through the interactions you have from fighting and training and working. Because it works your inner demons out: It can either get you a couple or work them out. If you try to take the good path, and not even about God, just the be true to yourself kind of path, like the golden rule kind of path, you can really become a better person and learn a lot about yourself.”

Discussing Street the movie Mitrione is in that is available to purchase at Walmart and Amazon: “It’s a cool story. It’s a story about a kid who is just trying to do right. He gets caught up in the situation. You know, I was always told when I was a kid hey look man we don’t care if you get into trouble for standing up for yourself or for somebody else. Alight. Well this kid gets in trouble for standing up for somebody else. He is in a grocery store, convenience store, and some stuff goes south with some Russian debt collectors and he gets wrapped up in the wash with thing, that situation. And he has got to fight his way out of it and pay off some debt that was accrued. It’s just an admirable position people could possibly find themselves in at some point in time for being a good samaritan and it’s a feel good story about redemption and being a better person. There are some familiar faces in it with Triggy and Uriah Hall, myself, and some other dudes. It was a good time. Good time filming the flick.”

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