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UFC Fighter John Moraga’s son leads him to Church


MMA Fight Radio Interview with John Moraga leading into his upcoming fight: The Ultimate Fighter Finale: Team Joanna vs. Team Claudia Finale- JULY 08, 2016 / LAS VEGAS, NV John Moraga 16 – 4 – 0 vs Matheus Nicolau Pereira 11 – 1 – 1

My boy John Moraga
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Moraga keeping it real, “I am a family man now so my kids bring me allot of smiles. I can’t be fake. I don’t know how to be fake and that’s what it comes from. Like you said I am the realist: but at the same time people change. It has been almost a year since I fought and I haven’t really announced it much or told too many people or made a big deal about it because I didn’t really know how long it was going to keep up. But man I started going to Church this year. I finally found God, put God in my life. It is what it is man. I just got a different outlook on things. I am still going to keep it real no matter what it is. It is not about being tough or gangster.”

“Life just has me at a certain mind state where I didn’t consider certain things. I didn’t take into consideration different perspectives other than how the way my life was going. I guess I needed my life to happen the way it did all the way up until that point. It now fits into my life. I think this all happened the way it was supposed to be.”

“I don’t think I ever really knew I needed it. I didn’t really even look for it to be honest. I send my kids to Catholic School and that kind of happened as a mistake. Just because they originally had, when my son started preschool, that was like the only school I could get him into preschool at. Stuff over the years that they had been teaching him: just, loving other people and just being nice. There were different things he would come home and tell me and it’s like man I couldn’t teach my son that stuff, I didn’t know that stuff. So it kind of opened my eyes. I think it had been maybe in the back of my head for a little bit. I was wanting to maybe start going and getting into it a little bit more. At the beginning of the year my high school coach called me up and invited me to go back down, and he was the last time I went church, was in high school with him. He told me New Years day and it took to the end of January and I have been going every week ever since.”

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