UFC women's bantamweight champion Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway

Bryan Caraway Calling out the Champ: I Can Drag Dominick Cruz into Unknown Territory

“First of all I feel like I have earned it. My ranking, being the number 4 guy speaks for itself. I have been grinding a long time in this sport. I just beat the guy who was supposed to beat Dominick Cruz, 12 and 0 Al Germain Sterling coming up finishing everybody. I am supposed to get killed: I am the underdog. I come in there and beat him at his own game. I fought Eddie Wineland, I came off a 10 month layoff, Wineland was known as 1 of the best strikers in our division. I went out there, out struck him. I showed my well roundedness. The number 1 reason why I should get the title shot is because I will beat Dominick Cruz. He has an awkward style that looks flashy down at the ground but I I know I can beat him. I know I am the guy to beat him. Dominick Cruz wants a big fight. He says in interviews that he wants only top 5 guys. Well I am right here buddy, number 4. Fresh meat, fresh blood, they need to get some different faces up there and what would be cooler than having Miesha Tate as bantamweight 135 pound world champ and myself as the world champion? I am ready to sell this fight. I am ready to step up and win that world title.”

Miesha Tate MMA Fight Radio Photo

“I have been a veteran for a long time. I have a high fight IQ and I might not look as flashy as some guys: Dominick Cruz and his fancy footwork. But you know what I have a unorthodox style, I impose my will on guys. I impose my will, I find their weaknesses and I beat guys up. People break under my pressure. You seen Al Germain Sterling: He comes out, I had a tough first round, kind of got a slow start from having some ring rust. I come back out and I pretty much poke him, I impose my will and he had nothing for me after that. I know just my style can go out there and I can drag Dominick Cruz into unknown territory that he hasn’t been in and bring the fight to him. I am not a guy who is going to run away from him. I will stand in front of him and I will walk him down I don’t care how many punches he hits me, when I get a hold of him he is going to be in trouble.”

If Assuncao beats TJ should the shot really go to him since Caraway lost to him in the past? “I feel it is all about timing. I do think Assuncao is the number 1 guy, previously in the past that deserved a title shot. But the guy he is not reliable. He keeps getting hurt, whatever happens for whatever reason he keeps missing opportunities. And to argue that point Dominick Cruz lost to Urijah Faber back in freaking what 2009 or how long ago. So if we are going to bring up old stuff that was 2 years ago so that was a different fight, yeah I lost to Assuncao but I lost to a few other guys too way back in the day. Should they fight for the world title in front of me because I lost to them? That’s old news. It’s a new age and new day. I am getting better every single day and I think it just comes down to timing wise.  If Assuncao beats Dillashaw, depends if Dominick Cruz is ready to go. but other than that I feel I am the next guy in line to go. Time wise I am the next guy in line for the title shot.”


“People are starting to take me for serious and the guys who aren’t you’re going to keep losing money because they are betting against me. I have been underestimated and the underdog on every UFC fight I fought. They can keep underestimating me whether you love me you’re going to watch me win that world title. Or whether you hate me you can bet on me to lose and that I am going to get my ass kicked and I will disappoint you. But either way people want to watch me I am a draw. I don’t care if it is because of my girlfriend world champ. I don’t care why I am the draw, but I am the draw, I will be the draw and you always have those haters out there.”

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