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Jay Pagliaro

Jay Pagliaro

Opinionated, outspoken, and brutally honest to a fault: These phrases define the father of two affectionately known as “Broadway,” Jay Pagliaro.

Jay has been an on-air personality in Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Tampa. Beginning his career in 1991 as a contributor  to a national program hosted by Major League Baseball legend Pete Rose.

Pagliaro is known in the MMA community for his encyclopedia-esque knowledge of both historic and current happenings in the sport.  A diehard fan of the sport since it hit the mainstream eye in 1993,  Pagliaro has a been involved in MMA as a radio host, ring announcer and play-by-play commentator throughout the US.

Promotional Experience: Duel For Domination – Mesa, AZ Bounded Fist Muay Thai – Mesa, AZ Siam Fight Productions – Tempe, AZ Pure MMA – Wilkes Barre, PA Royalty Fighting Championship – Mille Lacs, MN Premier Fighting Championship – Springfield, MA Big Bully MMA – Youngstown, OH New Hampshire Fight League – Derry, NH Art of Combat MMA – Elmira, NY Coalition of Combat – Phoenix, AZ Jake The Snake MMA- Baltimore, MD

Outside of MMA, Pagliaro enjoys spending time with his wife of 13 years, Amber, and their two children.


Shawn Dallas Hall 2

Shawn “Dallas” Hall


Watch out! Is all we can say about our newest addition to MMA Fight Radio.

Dallas is as real as they come. As a highly touted athlete Dallas’ competition days came to an end when he suffered a tragic auto accident in 2000 leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. It may have ended his competition career but it never stopped his drive or passion for sports. Dallas is not just a fan, he has been able to successfully navigate the national MMA scene. He got his start in MMA managing several local pros using his proven knowledge of running a profitable corporation helped these athletes understand the importance of branding and creating their own value inside and outside the cage.

As if that’s not enough, He has since moved into his dream position and is a newly licensed judge with the AZ Boxing commission. With his intimate knowledge of the business structure of mma and his wealth of technical recognition of martial arts Dallas is a welcomed edition to MMA Fight Radio and we are sure the fans will enjoy his unfiltered and educated cantor.



  •   MMA fans trend young: •  Ages % •  18-29 36% •  30-39 31% •  40-49  24% •  50+   9%  GENDER Male:   67%  Female: 33%   HOUSEHOLD INCOME $110,000+     20%  $85,000+       27%  $70,000+       22%  $60,000+       12%  $40,000+       20%    Average Household Income $65,000

EDUCATION High School: 21%  College: 57%  Professional: 22%

  •   MMA, including UFC, Bellator & WSOF, Titan FC etc. is the world’s fastest growing sport. •  In the past decade, MMA has enjoyed remarkable commercial success. •  MMA is attracting young, well-established, high-tech consumers. •  MMA fans have sound financials. They are 15 percent more likely than the average American adult to have a household income of $75k+ and 10 percent more likely to own a second home. •  An estimated 28.1 million Americans took part in some form of martial arts in 2011. •  A typical UFC pay-per-view broadcast reaches 16 million people; a Fox UFC broadcast averages 5 million viewers; Website ufc.com reaches over 317K Americans per month.
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Penny Buffington – Producer

Penny co-owner and producer of MMA Fight Radio: Penny has been producing MMA Radio in conjunction with The Ultimate Fighter since season 1 in 2005:   including New York, southern California and southern Florida.  She is currently the mother of 3 children and 5 grandchildren and is a self proclaimed nature nut.

Some past on Air Contests:

MMA Fight Radio has given away UFC FAN EXPO 2014 and 2015 Tickets also TUF 19 and 20 Finale Tickets  as well as UFC Events, UFC Autographed pictures and equipment, Bounded Fist Muay Thai tickets and Duel for Domination tickets.

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